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EMU-1 Dormitory

Student capacity: 212, 60 triple rooms, 6 double rooms and 5 quadruple studio. 

Dormitory Superintendent:
Serap Sunal
Tel: +90 (392) 630 1830
Fax: +90 (392) 630 1839

Students sharing the same environment with foreign students get to know different cultures and people, helping them to easily develop communication with the world. In this way, lots of our students create strong friendship ties ad carry on these friendships after university.

The rooms being triple give students a wide range of choice. In the triple rooms, the beds which are placed on top of the study units are planned in a bunk system. Students have their own wardrobe and cupboard. Each room is air-conditioned. The dormitory's common areas are cleaned every day and each room is cleaned twice a week. The students are given a bed sheet, blanket and duvet cover by the ormitory administration. Bed sheets and duvet covers are changed fortnightly. It is sufficient for students to bring only towels and similar personal belongings to the dormitory. There is hot water available daily at specified times. There is a kitchen for common use on every floor. Laundry facilities and a patisserie are available on the ground floor. On each floor, air-conditioned study rooms provide a comfortable environment for study purposes. Students can communicate with outside world, thanks to the cable Internet access available in rooms. The dormitory is also equipped with a generator in case of power failure.

Located at the center of the campus where you can reach any facility at ease.

Dormitory Features:

• On-campus residence
• For male Students
• Air-conditioned Study Rooms
• Laundry room
• Cafeteria
• TV room
• Kitchens
• Dormitory Capacity: 212 beds
• Number of Rooms: 69

Room Specialities:
• Triple room: 14 m2
• Cable Internet Access
• Split-unit Air Conditioning


1. Bed-Study Unit
2. Wardrobe
3. Chair
4. Mini-fridge
5. Air-conditioner*
6. Door
7. Window
8. Telephone
(*As of October 2013)

EMU Dormitories Bank Accounts
İs Bankasi
(Famagusta Branch)
TR42-0006 4000 001 6820 0275509 (TL)TR 16 0006 4000 002  6820 0760487 (USD)


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