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About Directorate

We believe that staying in a dormitory where all types of technological, cultural and sportive facilities are offered under campus safety, will be a best start for your academic life.

This will also shorten your adaptation period to the university. Since your personal needs, like cleaning, nutrition, transportation and security will be solved in the best and fastest way, you will be free to focus on your lessons.

The library, sports complexes, cultural activity centers, computer laboratories and all other facilities on the premises of the campus will be at your disposal and within easy reach. You will carry out your education in a safe and peaceful environment, away from traffic, noise and disorder of the city.

This is an issue on which the university is highly sensitive. The warm friendship you will build with our staff will make you feel at home.

We have done and are continuing to do everything in the best possible way to make your university years the most unforgettable years of your life.

And we want to gain your trust by providing you with the best of everything as you deserve them all… 

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