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EMU-4 Girls' Dormitory

Student Capacity : 300, 75 Quadrople Rooms 

+90 392 630 3541
Superintendent: Hüseyin Kızıloklu
Tel: +90 (392) 630 1999


EMU 4 accommodates 300 students in three floors. Common kitchens, a TV room, study and technical
drawing rooms and a laundry room are only a few of the facilities offered by the dormitory.

Each room in EMU 4 Dormitory features a shower, a toilet, cable Internet and a telephone for incoming calls. The dormitory's common areas as well as the toilets, washbasins and showers in the rooms are cleaned every day while each room is cleaned in detail twice a week. There is hot water available at certain times every day in the dormitory. Bed sheets and duvet covers are changed fortnightly. There is a generator available, providing electricity in cases of power failure. Furnished to meet students' needs, the rooms have bunk beds and a study area below each bunk. In order to make our students feel comfortable in the dormitory, the dormitory representatives, comprised of students selected by the Dormitory Directory, provide a relaxing environment to enable students to talk about their problems.
The administrative personnel and the security are also ready to solve student problems promptly and with great sensitivity.

A state of art dormitory complex with its unique architectural style and American steel construction.

Room Specialities:
• Quadruple rooms – 30 m2
• Bathroom/WC
• Cable Internet
• Split-unit air-conditioning

Dormitory Features:
• Dormitory for females
• TV room
• Study room
• Laundry room
• Kitchens
• Dormitory capacity: 300 beds
• Number of rooms: 75

Rooms :

1. Bed-study unit
2. Wardrobe
3. Chair
4. Refrigerator (big)
5. Air-conditioner
6. Door
7. Window
8. Bed-side table
9. Bookshelf
10. WC/Shower

EMU Dormitories Bank Accounts
İs Bankasi
(Famagusta Branch)
TR 16 0006 4000 002  6820 0760487 (USD)
TR42-0006 4000 001 6820 0275509 (TL)

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