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1. How can I register to the dormitories?

Newly registered students are given the priority in the dormitories. Students can choose from among different types of on-campus dormitories according to their budget and dormitory features and register either via our liaison offices or by directly contacting the dormitory.

2. What are the features of the dormitories?

Each dormitory's specifications have been provided in its own webpage. You may also receive further information from our directorate or the superintendent of the relevant dormitory via phone or e-mail.

3. What would I need in the dormitory?

Pillows, blankets and bed sheets are provided by the dormitory management. Students only need to bring their personal items.

4. What kind of furniture is available in the dormitory rooms?

Each room plan is described with its furnishings in the liaison offices.

5. What rules apply in dormitories?

The rules applied in the dormitories are explained in detail on our webpage under "EMU Student Dormitories Rules and Regulations" and "EMU-BOT Student Dormitories Rules and Regulations." In addition, each student is given a dormitory handbook upon entry to the dorm.

6. How is cleaning carried out?

Dormitory rooms and common areas are cleaned on a regular basis. In dormitories with common WCs and showers, each toilet/shower is shared by four students. Cleaning of these is carried out by the relevant dormitory staff.

7. How can I get my laundry done?

Students can get their laundry done by private companies offering such services on the campus. Some of the dormitories have common laundry rooms where students can do their own washing.

8. What are the dormitory fees like?

Information on the fees and the payment conditions is specified at

9. What are the facilities in the common kitchen areas?

In dormitories with such areas, there are a sufficient number of ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, counters and sinks to enable students to do their own cooking. All other equipment need to be supplied by the student.

10. Are there enough number of common bathrooms or WCs in dormitories?

In Sabanci and EMU 1 Dormitories, bathrooms and WCs are shared while two rooms share one bathroom/WC in EMU 2 Dormitory. In EMU 4, each room has a separate toilet and a bathroom. 


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