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Why EMU Dormitories

Academic Success

Statistical studies have revealed that the academic success rate of students who reside in the dormitories is much higher than the ones who do not.


On-campus health, counseling and guidance centers provide services to students free of charge with their efficient staff who respond to all sorts of health problems promptly. 


The campus is kept under surveillance 24 hours by the security crew and traffic wardens.  In addition to this, each dormitory building has its own security crew and surveillance cameras to ensure the security within the surroundings.

Economical Benefits

Compared to other alternatives, dormitories provide considerable economical benefits with fees covering expenses such as the electricity, water, telephone and all sorts of facilities at no extra cost. 

Computer Facilities

Students are provided with direct Internet connections in their rooms, at computer labs in the dormitories and on campus main computer labs operating until midnight.


There is a telephone with domestic and international lines in each room.  Also, payphones are available at the lobby area. E-mail and the Internet services are available for a small charge.  In almost all dormitories, there is either a TV or a TV antenna connection in each room.     

Basic Needs

Throughout the year, dormitories provide ideal living and studying conditions with generator-supported uninterrupted power supply, and central heating and cooling systems. Dormitories also have the country's biggest water purification systems.


As part of campus life, everywhere is within walking distance.  Additionally, the shuttle service provides on and off-campus transportation to students.  There is also transportation service to and from dormitories located outside the campus area.

Healthy Eating

Students can use kitchen facilities in their rooms and on each floor to cook for themselves.  Additionally, cafeterias in dormitories and on campus which are inspected by the experts regularly serve healthy food.

Long Lasting Friendships

It is well known that friendships established in dormitories are life long.  Not only sharing and caring but also academic support among freshmen and senior students is a benefit that brings itself with the dormitory life.

Cultural and Social Life

There are ongoing extra curricular projects to provide enjoyable and relaxing environment to the students.  Students benefit from social and cultural facilities and activities on and around the campus.  Also, students have the opportunity of taking an active part in an array of student clubs.

Sport Facilities

On the campus, there are a variety of sport facilities including an indoor sports complex, grass and carpet soccer pitches, a tartan atlethism track, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts and a mini golf course.  Also, dormitories rooms and public areas are cleaned regularly.  In the dormitories, students benefit from the healthy environment away from the noise and traffic of the city.

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