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Student Dormitories Rules and Principles

SECTION I  General Provisions

1. Aims

The aim is to run, administer and inspect the dormitories, meet the needs of the resident students and provide a comfortable, well organized and secure living environment for the student.

2. Abbreviations

"Dormitories" stand for EMU dormitories, "University" for Eastern Mediterranean University, "EMU Dormitories" for dormitories operated by Eastern Mediterranean University, "BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Dormitories" for dormitories that are built according to a special Build-Operate-Transfer protocol and run accordingly, "Rectorate" for Eastern Mediterranean University Rector's Office, "Dormitory Directorate" for Eastern Mediterranean Universities Directorate of Dormitories and Cafeterias, "Student" for Eastern Mediterranean University students, "Eastern Mediterranean University Dormitory Custodian" persons in charge of Eastern Mediterranean University girl's and boy's dormitories, "BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer) Dorm. Custodian" implies the highest ranking manager of the Build-Operate-Transfer Dormitory.

SECTION II  Dormitory Administration

3. Duties of Directors of Dormitories and Dormitory Custodians

Director of dormitories is the highest ranking officials of EMU dormitories and BOT dormitories. Director of Dormitories supervises the dormitories according to the rules & regulations, contracts, statutes, by-laws and laws concerned. He maintains coordination between the owners and administrators of the BOT dormitories. The Director looks into the demands and complaints coming from the dormitories, and does as is due with the consent of the Rectorate. The Director makes future plans for new BOT dormitories and after getting the consent of the Rectorate puts the decisions concerning the BOT dormitories into practice. He determines and supervises the rules regarding the condition of eligibility to the dormitories and keeps track of their records. He helps with the social & cultural development of the student residing at the dormitories, and takes all measures when deemed necessary to maintain discipline in the dormitories. He is also responsible for the inspection of the BOT Dormitory personnel in respect to laws concerned. He, in collaboration with the dorm personnel, sees to it that all dormitory properties are used properly and are well protected. The EMU and BOT Dormitory officials cooperate with the Directorate of Dormitories to fulfill their obligations in carrying out the decisions of the Rectorate.

SECTION III  Admission and Residing at the Dormitory

4. The right to register

  1. Students who wish to stay at the EMU dormitories should be registered students of the university; and they should apply to the Directorate of Dormitories according to the procedures, time and rules as announced by the Directorate. New students are given the priorities in registering with the dormitories. Only in cases where there are vacancies, upper level students are allotted a room in the EMU Dorms. The Rectorate decides on the system to be applied to students whose scholarship covers Dormitory expenses.
  2. Students who wish to be residents at BOT Dormitories should be students of EMU, and should apply to the BOT Dormitories according to the registration procedures announced by the BOT Dormitories management.

5. Dorm Residency in Cases of an Offense, Sickness and Other Cases

  1. In cases where students are sentenced, convicted or alleged, and even if they are acquitted, the rectorate will decide whether the will be accepted back to the dormitories.
  2. Students who are found unsuitable to live in the dormitory for reasons of health by the dorm authorities, can be banned from entering the dormitory, or their dormitory contract will be terminated.
  3. On the condition that there is a valid reason, the Rectorate holds the right to prevent the student from registering to the dormitory, or dismiss him from the dormitory

6. Cancelling the Registration of a Student not yet Lodged in

Students who do not lodge in despite their registration to the dormitory within a month after the commencement of the term will have their registration cancelled.

7. Objection to Dismissal from the Dormitory

A student dismissed from the dormitory can write a letter to the Rectorate objecting to the situation. However, this objection does not stop the processing of the dismissal decision.

8. Returning the Property Assigned upon Dismissal from Dormitory

Students, who are dismissed from the dormitory, should return all property assigned to the Dormitory Administration.


SECTION IV  Dormitory Rules to be Observed

9. Rules that are applied

  1. The Directory of the Dormitory sends letter of 1st warning, and if necessary, 2nd warning to students and their parents/guardians whose conducts are found to be inappropriate and/or are in a position of infraction of the rules. When deemed necessary, the Directorate of Dormitories has the right to send the students to the Disciplinary Committee for reasons of misconduct.
  2. In the event of an incident, BOT Dormitory Directorate should inform the Directorate of Dormitories and help the University personnel in performing their duties.

10. 1st Warning

  1. Students receive a letter of 1st warning if they commit one of the acts specified below. The student is notified in writing. If deemed necessary, dormitory officials have the right to change the student's room. The Dormitory Directorate can also convey the issue to the University's Disciplinary committee.
  2. The following acts receive 1st Warning.
    1. To behave in a way and manner unfit to a student.
    2. To behave rudely and impolitely to others.
    3. To treat the dormitory personnel in a demeaning way.
    4. To not keep the dormitory environment clean.
    5. To make a lot of noise, disturb the others by listening to audio/visual equipment loud.
    6. Not to respond to/explain the required information from the dormitory management on time, to avoid getting the warning letters, to prevent the dormitory administrators doing their job.
    7. Utilization of all electrical appliances other than computer, kettle electric shaver, hair dryer.

11. 2nd Warning

  1. Students whose conducts falls into the categories specified below receive a 2nd Warning letter. This letter is also sent to the parent/guardian. The dormitory management has the right to change the student's room. Dormitory Directorate has the right to notify the University's Disciplinary Committee of the situation.
  2. The following deeds require a 2nd warning.
    1. To repeat the actions that received a 1st warning.
    2. To act in a manner unsuitable for a student.
    3. To write or draw on the university/dormitory property, to damage them; to post announcements without obtaining permission of the Rectorate or dormitory management; to use the dorm rooms, the buildings and the surrounding area for purposes other than those specified.
    4. To tear or pull down, to write or draw on to announcements posted by the dormitory management.   
    5. To provide the dormitory management with incomplete or wrong information or not to provide any information at all.
    6. Not to abide by the Students Dormitory Written Undertaking.

12. Conditions Reported to the University's Disciplinary Committee

  1. Students who commit the following actions are immediately reported to the University's Disciplinary Committee:
    1. Carry or use weapons, explosives, flammable materials, dangerous equipment.
    2. Gamble, to have equipment's used in gambling.
    3. Use of drugs or possession of drugs in the dormitory.
    4. Fight.
    5. Steal.
    6. Drink on the premises of the dormitory or campus.
    7. Being involved in activities that pose/cause a threat to the safety of the dormitories.
    8. Contaminating the surrounding areas.
    9.  Damage dormitory property.
    10. Misinform or lie to dormitory management.
    11. Accommodate people who are in eligible to enter the dormitory.
    12. Give hard time to dormitory officials, disregard the warnings.
    13. Behave in an immoral manner and in a way not listed above.
    14. Disregard the rules imposed on by the Dormitory Management and other responsible organs.
    15. Give or sell the room, the bed or property therewith to a third party.
    16. Allow any third party to use the room or the property in the room.
    17. Interfere or damage the computers of other students through using any kind of computer.


13. Dismissal

In situations where the university applies "dismissal" sanctions, students cannot stay in dormitory during the period of dismissal unless otherwise stated.

14. Loss of Property or Reimbursement of loss/damage

  1. Resident students are responsible for covering all the damage to or loss of property. The cost of damage or loss is calculated according to the cost price of the day payment is made.
  2. In cases where dormitory property used mutually by all students receive damage or loss, the cost will be collected in equal sums from all of the users if the student responsible for the damage or loss is not found. The cost price will have to be paid by the students within 10 days after the bill is received. In the event that student's does (do) not pay the bill, an inquiry is started. Neither the Registrars' office or the Directorate of Dormitories and Cafeterias will process any of his (their) applications, nor will his (their) documents be returned.

15. Student Lists

  1. BOT Dormitories are responsible for preparing and submitting a list of the resident students to the Dormitory Directorate.
  2. Dormitory Directorate should be notified in 3 days of any changes that may occur within the year.


SECTION V  Dormitory Fees

16. Fees and Dues

  1. The fees and dues of EMU Dormitories are calculated and announced at the beginning of each academic year.
  2. BOT Dormitories calculate the fees & dues in accordance with their own managerial policies, and should notify the Directorate of Dormitories of the new fees before the end of June.

17. Amount of Fees

  1. EMU Dormitory fees are paid cash for each academic year during registration to the dormitory. However, in certain situations, payments could be applied by instalments with the consent of the Rectorate.
  2. BOT Dormitories charge fees on a yearly basis either in cash or in installments as announced by the university administration. Students reside in the dormitory during the whole year. No extra charges could be charged for services specified on the form signed by the student upon registry fees could not be augmented during the academic year.
  3. Registration to EMU Dormitories: Registration for Academic Year to EMU Dormitories;
    1. Academic calendar indicates when the lectures commence at EMU. Once the lectures commence as indicated the students have to register until the end of October and they have to pay the full annual registration fee for the academic year.
    2. The students can also register at EMU dormitories between October and January and can get a 10% monthly discount per month.
  4. In case where a student wishes to change to a room with higher / lover rates, the fee difference paid / refund.
  5. The rules described in items 17.(3) are valid for annual based registration.
  6. Students who wish to register with the BOT Dormitories after the commencement of the term will be applied fees as determined by the management of the dormitory concerned.


18. Fees During Holiday

The Rectorate decides on the fees students and guests will have to pay during the summer and term brakes.

19. Refund Rates for Students who wish to move-out

  1. In cases where a student registered with EMU dormitories wishes to move out. The rules of annual dormitory registrations for the students who wish to drop out of the dormitory after they complete the registration procedures are as follows.
    1. The students get 90% refund if they drop out of the dormitory within the first 3 days.
    2. The students get 70% refund if they leave in the first 15 days.
    3. The students get 30 refund if they leave after the first 15 days or until the end of February. When this period of time is due, the students cannot demand any refunds and are charged with paying the full annual fee for the dormitory.
    4. These regulations are valid for just annual registrations at the university dormitories.

20. Registration for Semester to EMU Dormitories

  1. The students who are granted with a dormitory scholarship, and for whom one semester is left to graduate or for the ones who come at the beginning of spring semester can register term-based. In this case:
    1. The full dormitory fee if they start residing at the dormitory within the first month from the beginning of the semester as stated on the academic calendar.
    2. 75% of the dormitory fee if they start residing in the dormitory during the second month from the beginning of the semester.
    3. 50% of the dormitory fee if they start residing in the dormitory during the third month from the beginning of the semester.
    4. 30% of the dormitory fee if they start residing in the dormitory after the third month from the beginning of the semester.
  2. In cases where a student wishes to change to a room with higher rates, then the items (3.a), (3.b), (3.c) and (3.d) are taken into account.
  3. The rules of the term-based dormitory fee for the students who register in the fall (second) or one semester and drop out of the dormitories after completing registration are as follows:
    1. The students get 80% refund if the drop out of the dormitories within the first 3 days.
    2. They get 50% refund if they drop out of the dormitories within the first 15 days.
    3. The students who complete the registration procedures cannot demand any refunds when this period of time is due (first 15 days). In addition, they are charged with the payment of term-based dormitory fee.  
  4. The conditions for the refunds vary at BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) or private dormitories therefore, when students drop out of these dormitories, they have to strictly follow the rules in their contract with the related dormitory.
  5. Students who wish to move out should present the "Dormitory Discharge" paper to the Dormitory accounting office.

Students who are expelled from the dormitory get no refund at all.         

SECTION VI  Student Rights
21. Right of Complaint

Students have the right to ask for any brochure, written document or written undertaking during registration. In cases where these requests are not fulfilled, students have the right to complain to the Director of Dormitories, about the officials in the EMU or BOT Dormitories. The complaint will be considered and processed by the Directorate.

22. Complaint Boxes

Students can either apply to the Dormitory Directorate or EMU Dormitory Custodians for all inquiries, complains, wishes or requests. For this aim, students can use 'Complaint Boxes'.

SECTION VII  Miscellaneous Points

23. Room Inspection

The room can be inspected by the Dormitory Management or officials to see if the student abides by the Dormitory Rules as regards cleanliness and security.

24. Closing Down the Dormitories

The   Rectorate   has the power to close down the Dormitories in cases of natural disasters, war and other extraordinary situations.

25. Responsibility for Forgotten Personal Items

Students are expected to take their personal belongings with them when going on holiday or upon moving out of the dormitory for one reason or the other. The dormitory cannot be held responsible for any left/forgotten student property.

26. Changing Rooms

Dormitory Officials have the right to change a student's room on the condition that the Director of Dormitories is notified of this change.

27. Accompanying a Student in the Dormitory

Resident students can not   be accompanied even in cases when they are sick. In such situations, the student should either be hospitalized or taken home.

SECTION VIII   Security Structure of BOT Dormitory System

28. Internal Security

BOT Dormitories are responsible for any kind of problem that may occur within their own premises. They should take the necessary measures in the case of an event and should inform the University Security Office by means of the Directorate of Dormitories.

29. Security of Close Vicinity

BOT Dormitories are responsible for maintaining a secure environment within their close vicinity for which they are held responsible. The personnel should immediately notify the university officials of any happening, suspicious situation or the prospect of on event.

30. Security personnel

BOT Dormitories are responsible for maintaining a highly walked and well-equipped security personnel approved of by the Directorate of Dormitories. To help them be identified fast, they should all be in uniforms. They have to go through in-service training programs conducted by the university at certain times of the year.

31. Emergency Cases

Security personnel of the BOT Dormitories should cooperate with the University Security Office beyond working hours and on holidays to intervene right away in case an event should happen.



Appendix 1


The following documents to be submitted to the Dormitory Management for registration:

  1. A certified copy of the document indicating that the student is registered with a school/faculty.
  2. A written contract signed by the student stating his acceptance of Dormitory Rules and Regulations he should observe.
  3. Dormitory fee payment slip.



I, the undersigned,……………………………… ,who is a resident student at the Eastern Mediterranean University Dormitories,         

  1. will not occupy places or use property other than the room, bed, cupboard ,desk and chair allocated to my use by the Directorate of the Dormitory ,
  2. will not accept any visitors in areas other than those specified for visitors even if they are EMU students,
  3. will not accommodate anyone in my room,
  4. will not cause damage to the dormitory walls, doors, or property by writing or drawing figures on them and in cases if such damage is done, I shall cover the expenses based on the price list of the time.,
  5. will not consume or carry alcoholic beverages, drugs or grass-root on campus, in or near the dormitories,
  6. will not play any games classified as gambling,
  7. will not post any posters that are considered unethical,
  8. will not keep anything that will cause smell, deteriorate or stain the wardrobe in my room,
  9. will not consume any kind of beverages, food nor smoke in the study rooms
  10. will not smoke in my room or in closed areas
  11. will not eat and smoke in the bedrooms
  12. will keep all my personal belongings and valuables in the locked drawers or cabinets, and will not keep the dormitory responsible for any lost items
  13. will not to be impolite or disrespectful toward others, will keep my environment clean, will not make noise; will not listen to music, watch TV or play a musical instrument in a way that will disturb the others,
  14. will obey the ethical rules, will keep my room and other areas that I will be using clean and tidy,
  15. will not to keep pets in my dorm room,
  16. will not use electrical appliance other than those specified in the booklet,
  17. will not interfere into anyone's computer nor cause damage to the computer through other computers
  18. will not intervene in the duties of the dormitory personnel, will be respectful toward them
  19. will show my Dormitory Identification Card when asked for by the University Personnel or Security Personnel
  20. will stay in the specified dormitories whether it be during the term breaks, or long holidays or at times when the dormitories are closed due to some reason
  21. will enter the dorm not earlier than five days before the classes are due to start, and leave not later than three days after the finals
  22. will not get a refund for my fees if am dispatched From the dormitory as a punishment
  23. Will pay for all the damage caused to the dormitory property within 10 days after receiving the notification
  24. And I am well aware of and accept all the above conditions, and have read the "Student Dormitory Rules and Regulations Handbook" and will abide by whatever is written in that booklet; I will be sent to the Discipline Committee if I violate any of these rules and will be dismissed from the Dormitory, and the EMU Student Disciplinary Committee may also punish me in other ways.


Name, Last Name       :…………………………………………………………
Number                      :…………………………………………………...……
Name of Dormitory    :…………………………………………………………..
Room Number           :…………………………………………………………..
Signature                   :…………………………………………………………..

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