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EMU Akdeniz Student Dormitory

Capacity : 1068

EMU Akdeniz Student Dormitory Superintendent:
Yılşen Ergeç
Tel: +90 (392) 630 4040 - 630 4100
Fax: +90 (392) 365 0793

And naturally, everywhere is air-conditioned, making it cool in summer and warm in winter.   

Located on Eastern Mediterranean University campus EMU Akdeniz Student Dormitory Complex accommodates up to 1068 students. It has a unique structure offering the residents a very comfortable and peaceful living environment. The dormitory management runs the dormitory in complete coordination with the student-parent-university triangle, and is organized in a way to enable students to pursue
their education peacefully and comfortably. The dormitory has a well-built structure which is resistant to earthquakes due to its unique construction. The building is
also insulated against external factors like heat and sound. The male and female sections are completely independent from each other, and are designed to accommodate two students per room. There are rooms for the physically handicapped as well.

Dormitory Features:
• On-campus residence
• Dormitory for females / males
• Student kitchens
• Common kitchen on each floor
• Student laundry room
• Dormitory Capacity: 1068
• Number of rooms:
Double rooms for 530 people, 4 suits

Room Specialities:
TV in each room
Mini fridge
Free/Charged Internet connection

Double Room :
• Room area: 24 m2
• Bedroom: 20 m2
• WC/Shower: 4 m2
1. Bed
2. Wardrobe
3. Chair
4. Mini fridge
5. Bedside table
6. Table
7. Door
8. Window
9. WC/Shower
10. TV
11. Bookshelf
12. Telephone

EMU Dormitories Bank Accounts
İs Bankasi
(Famagusta Branch )
TR42-0006 4000 001 6820 0275509 (TL)TR 16 0006 4000 002  6820 0760487 (USD)

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