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Daily Needs

Students who prefer to reside at the on or off-campus dormitories enjoy the benefits of keeping track of or actively participating all social, cultural and sports activities

CLOTHING: Academic year at Eastern Mediterranean University begins in early October and ends in July. The temperature ranges between 5 and 35°C; due to the scarcity of rainy days students do not necessarily need very thick clothing, but can suffice with light weight outfits. The dormitory rooms have air-conditioners and all bed sheets and blankets are provided by the dormitory management. Students need only to bring their clothing and personal items with them. In addition, students can always meet their needs from shops located close to the campus.

TRANSPORTATION: The shuttle service provides on and off-campus transportation to students. There is also transportation service to and from dormitories located outside the campus area.

FOOD: In all the on and off-campus dormitories, there are cafeterias, canteens and similar places where students find variety of foods. Additionally, students may benefit from the Table d'Hote restaurant run by the University or, if they prefer, can prepare their own meals in kitchen facilities provided in each dormitory.

DRY CLEANING: Students can have their clothes dry cleaned at private dry cleaning shops located on the campus.

BOOKS-STATIONERY: There is a bookstore on campus where students can buy all their books and stationery to be needed throughout the year.

CULTURAL, SOCIAL AND SPORTS FACILITIES: Located on the campus, the Student Activity Center offers numerous activities throughout the year. The in-door and out-door sports complexes are located in the dormitory area. The traditional inter-dormitory football competitions are organized annually and attract many students to the event.

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