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Prime Living Dormitory


The Prime Living Dormitory is like a family that makes its precious students feel as if they're in their own home, Prime Living also helps with all your requests and problems in a 7/24 basis with its service. Our newest Prime Living Dormitory which is located in the EMU campus has single rooms, double rooms and has one of a kind, large 1+1 suite rooms for students. For a quality relaxed life there are social places like a café, restaurant, gym, supermarket, sauna, place of amusement, surprise parties, karaoke and a hairdresser and next to those there are two launderettes, big shared kitchens, oven, stove, microwave and kitchen cupboards that all students have. Also we have 6 studying rooms(two belonging to girls), a fotocopy center, unlimited electric and water, 4Mb unlimited speed which provides both wired and wireless internet, 24 hour nonstop refined hot water service. We provide 2 days a week of free room cleaning and sheet changing. Best quality furniture, a special bath, 2 massage showers, sensored deluxe hand-washer, HD LED TV, big refrigerator, one convertible sofa, tea table, pouff, large mirrors, kettle, stove and everyone has a personal telephone which you can call anywhere with, also in the 1+1 suites there are 2 LED TV's, deluxe furniture and a kitchen. 6 glassed elevators, sound-deadening thick walls, double-glazed special windows. The general heating and cooling system which is spefically made for our students, makes it a very comfortable environment and this is also a first in Cyprus. 7/24 security and receptionists are also there for your service. Our dorm has camera systems around its building and is protected by fire alarms.

Our dorm is in the standard of a 5 star hotel, our rooms have sea and mountain views, our dorm takes the comfortable dormitory understanding into a whole new level. Our dorm is the newest, largest, finest, most luxurious dormitory.

Dormitory Features

  • Our dorm is in the standart of a 5 star hotel, our dorm is the newest, largest,finest, most luxurious dormitory
  • On campus resıdence
  • For males an females
  • Cafeteria(7/24)-restaurant,
  • Massage showers (2)
  • Laundry facisilities
  • Parking(for car and bicycle)
  • Gym-fun areas
  • Copy center-statıonery
  • Sea view rooms-Suits
  • Elevators( glassed 6 elevators)
  • Floor heatıng system
  • Central air-conditioning 
  • Fire alarm system
  • Purified water-24 hours hot water
  • Double glazed widows-Sound proofed walls
  • Electric generator
  • 7/24 Receptıon securıty and camera system
  • Lobby -Tv room-restıng room
  • Telephone-You can call anywhere
  • Internet-Wi-Fi , cable and unlımıt
  • Student kıtchens
  • Twice a week cleaning service -We provide 2 days a week of free room
  • 6 study rooms- drafting room
  • Public transportation and tours

Floor Plans


Contact Information

Manager: Meryem Boşnak


Mobile: +90 533 863 71 04 
            +90 548 830 00 00

Tel: +90 392 365 6792, +90 392 630 3343
Fax: +90 392 365 67 90

Bank Accounts

Türkiye İş Bank Turkish Lira Account:
IBAN:TR23 0006 4000 0016 8180 2084 91
Account No: 0208491
Branch Code: 6818
Account Name: Intrade Trading Ltd.

Türkiye İş Bank USD Account:
IBAN:TR61 0006 4000 0026 8180 0861 64
Account No: 0086164
Branch Code: 6818
Account Name: Intrade Trading Ltd.

Türkiye İş Bank EURO Account:
IBAN:TR37 0006 4000 0026 8180 1502 28
Account No: 0150228
Branch Code: 6818
Account Name: Intrade Trading Ltd.

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